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Backup Drives




Why do I need to backup, its a new computer, the hard drive  should not break down ??


If only I had a dollar for every time I hear that one !!!!


Computers store their data in a "Hard Disk Drive", much like you store files in a filing cabinet. Hard disk drives are the most mechanical component in your computer. They consist of a spinning flat metal platter coated with magnetic material. This can spins as fast as 10,000 RPM in some computers. Floating a fraction of a hair width across the top of the spinning platters is a read head that moves back and forth, reading and writing data. Just like the mechanical components in your car, the moving parts in your computer and in particular your hard drive are susceptible to failure. And if your hard drive fails, then you can potentially lose everything you have put onto it since you got it. That includes, email, all those family photos, music, movies etc etc.



Talk to me about the best Backup strategy for your computer type. Below is the 2 main types of storage drives, and the differences between them.

We Stock a range of Backup drives, including, Desktop,  and Portable.

Portable 2.5 inch Drives, perfect for people on the go, that need portable storage

Desktop Drives, where you do not need portability. These are Cheaper than portable drives when you compare storage capacity versus price.

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